Semi Truck Accidents

I was in a Semi Truck Accident - What do I do?

If you have been involved in a collision involving a semi-truck you need to hire a truck accident lawyer who has the experience to take on your case.
A collision with a semi can be traumatizing. If an accident does occur, it is important that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself both at the scene of the accident and in the days that follow. Hiring a reputable truck accident lawyer is extremely beneficial. The right attorney will have experience dealing with these types of cases. They will be able to meet any needed deadlines for filing with the courts if a lawsuit is necessary. Your rights deserve protection. You should do everything in your power to get the compensation you need to take care of your injuries.

Truck Accident Lawyers

Hiring a truck accident lawyer should be one of the first things you do when you get home from the hospital or the scene of the accident. Always go to the emergency room or make an appointment with your primary care physician after an accident! It will ensure that you do not have any lasting injuries. If it is discovered that you have injuries related to the accident, getting the treatment you need in a timely fashion will help ensure that you are fully compensated for any lost wages and medical expenses.

You can gain much of the information you may need to give your insurance company by simply speaking with the other driver and any witnesses that may be present. If a person witnessed the accident, ask for their name and phone number and make a note that they have information about the accident that might help your case. When speaking to the other driver, never admit any wrongdoing or say that you were at fault.

Possible Injuries

Any type of auto accident can result in injuries. An accident with a semi is no different. Semis can weigh several tons. Their large size means they take longer to stop. Coming in contact with one is the same as hitting a brick wall and the severity of your injuries will depend on just how hard the impact is. Common injuries that can result from a collision with a semi-truck include:

Broken bones
Lacerations and contusions
Internal bleeding and injuries
Traumatic Brain Injuries

If you’ve been involved in a collision with a semi-trailer, we suggest that you always take the opportunity to go to the emergency room. While you may feel fine immediately following the accident, the adrenaline may be masking the presence of injuries. That adrenaline could wear off in a day or two and your body will begin to experience the aftereffects of the collision. Get checked out at the emergency room to make sure you don’t have any hidden injuries that will creep up on you later.

It is important to remember that injuries may not appear for 24 to 48 hours after an accident occurs.

When the effects of adrenaline begin to fade, the pain will start and you will face the harsh reality of your injuries. Receiving medical attention at the time of the accident will prepare you for any possible problems you may have over the next few days. Get the treatment you need. Your doctor may take you off of work for a few days so that your body has a chance to rest. This allows your body to get a jump start on the healing process and may actually shorten your recovery time.

7 Steps to Take at the Scene of the Accident

If a collision with a semi occurs, there are several steps to take while at the scene. These steps will help to protect your rights and make sure you get the care you deserve. They include:

1. Call 9-1-1 immediately
2. Secure the scene; this can include moving vehicles to the side of the road.
3. Check for everyone for injuries
4. Write down as much as you can remember about the accident
5. Take photographs of your vehicle, the semi, and accident scene
6. Collect as much information from the semi driver as possible
7. Ask if you can take pictures of any permits the driver has pertaining to this specific load

You can complete many of these tasks while you are waiting for the police to arrive. Gathering as much information as you can while still at the scene will benefit you later. It’s also important that you take as many photographs as possible that show the damage to your vehicle as well as the scene of the accident. All of this information will help your truck accident lawyer build a strong case.

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