Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

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Lawsuits are now developing against the manufacturers of Hernia Mesh alleging defective design and failure to warn of known risks. If you or a loved one suffered injuries, we invite you to contact our firm to discuss your legal options. All consultations are free with no obligation. We will discuss your situation and go over the options available to you. Call today! Toll Free 833-338-8230.
Hernia Mesh Victims
Most Hernia Mesh victims never know their injury was due to defective design. Investigations into such personal injury cases often reveal defective design and failure to warn of known risks on the part of the health care industry. Hernia Mesh implants have also been associated with complications after surgery. If you were the victim of Hernia Mesh implants contact us today to schedule a Free Initial Consultation. Toll Free 833-338-8230. 
Did You Need Surgery To Fix Defective Hernia Mesh?
Many have already received Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in compensation for their defective Hernia Mesh. Get a Free Evaluation!
Patients continue to report adverse events such as:
Injury Law Center Hernia Mesh Lawyers
  1. Pain
  2. Infection
  3. Tissue adhesion
  4. Obstruction of the intestines
  5. Hernia recurrence
  6. Mesh migration
  7. Perforation
  8. Multiple Surgeries
Why file a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?
Some Hernia Mesh products were rushed to market without adequate testing. Thousands of people were treated like human guinea pigs and have suffered unnecessary complications. If your Hernia Mesh failed and required (or will require) surgical repair, you may qualify for significant financial compensation from the manufacturer.
Why should I join this Lawsuit?
You may be legally entitled to significant compensation without having to ever appear in court. Your mesh may have been manufactured by a corporation that aggressively sold mesh that was not adequately tested and that they knew were likely to fail or cause serious injury. If you suffered complications from your mesh, you should contact us for a free case evaluation. Call us now for a quick, free consultation Toll Free 833-338-8230. We believe everyone should have access to justice.
Will this take up a lot of my time?
No. 99% of the cases that have settled so far have settled without any court appearance. Many people have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation and the total time they spent was probably less than half an hour to get signed up and provide us with necessary information to get medical records and the proof we need. Call Now for Free Advice – No Fee Until We Win – Millions Recovered.
There are legal deadlines approaching. Receive a confidential and no-obligation case evaluation today! Toll Free 833-338-8230.
More Information on Hernia Mesh Recall
In May 2016, Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon issued an urgent safety notice and recall for Physiomesh. The company warned that two independent registries had revealed a higher rate of hernia recurrence and reoperation for Physiomesh when compared to other products. Accordingly, the company issued a global recall for the device and litigation is now underway on behalf of patients who suffered unnecessary harm, but please note, Hernia Mesh Lawsuits are not limited to recalled products. Our attorneys are also reviewing claims involving mesh implants that remain on the market and are still widely used.
These include:
  • 3D Max (C.R. Bard)
  • C-QUR (Atrium Medical)
  • Composix (C.R. Bard)
  • Kugel (C.R. Bard)
  • Marlex (C.R. Bard)
  • Parietene (Covidien/Medtronic)
  • Parietex (Covidien/Medtronic)
  • Perfix Plug (C.R. Bard)
  • Proceed (Ethicon, Inc.)
  • Prolene (Ethicon, Inc.)
  • Sepramesh (C.R. Bard)
  • Ventralex (C.R. Bard)
If you do not know which product you received, contact our office for assistance. Our Hernia Mesh lawyers can help identify your implant and advise whether you have grounds to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.
Hernia Mesh Class Action Not Formed
Your claim for personal injuries will not be part of a Hernia Mesh class action lawsuit. Rather, these claims are filed on an individual basis. This means you will have your own lawyer to represent you and pursue settlement for the unique legal damages you experienced. While a hernia class action has not been formed, your claim could be included in a “multidistrict litigation” (or MDL) depending on which product you received and your case.
  • C-QUR Mesh Multidistrict Litigation: In December 2016, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) ordered that all C-QUR hernia mesh lawsuits in federal courts be centralized in the District of New Hampshire MDL No. 2753.
  • Physiomesh Multidistrict Litigation: In March 2017, Hernia Mesh Plaintiffs petitioned the JPML to create a multidistrict litigation for Physiomesh cases, as well (MDL No. 2782). If the Panel grants the petition, all federal Physiomesh lawsuits will similarly be centralized before a single District Court.
These MDLs are designed to more efficiently move large numbers of related claims through the pretrial process. Additional cases are pending in various other state and federal courts around the country. After a consultation, your attorney can advise you on the appropriate jurisdiction for your case, and how to best position your claim for settlement.