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Injuries associated with a serious burn can be painful, damaging, and may require long-term medical care. Due to the debilitating nature of serious burn injuries, the financial, physical, and mental costs of recovering from them can be overwhelming and very difficult to handle alone. The consequences of a burn injury can include months and even years of doctor’s fees, hospitalization, surgical grafts, physical therapy, and, in many cases, counseling.
The psychological distress often suffered after a burn injury is traumatizing enough without having to worry about receiving the financial compensation you deserve. The burn injury lawyers at San Diego Injury Law Center have extensive experience in handling burn injury claims, and know how to deal with the insurance companies. We can help you cope with the many issues that often accompany a burn injury. Call Us Toll Free 833-338-8230 or Direct 619-338-8230.
Burn Injury Lawyers 
Our skilled burn injury attorneys have a strong grasp of defective product law, premise liability law, worker’s compensation law and construction law. Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of the distinctive injuries associated with different types of burns, such as electrocution burns and scald burns.
Long-term Results Of Burn Injuries
Determining the long-term consequences of a burn injury can help in coming up with how much financial compensation a burn victim will need. The scars that can result from a burn injury often require multiple surgeries, and can remain an issue indefinitely. In order to avoid paying for the full treatment of a burn injury, insurance companies often try to settle quickly after an accident, before the full extent of the injuries is apparent. When determining how much compensation is fair, you must take into consideration that you may require life-long treatment and reconstructive surgery.
Whether your burn injury occurred due to a car accidenttruck accident, house fire, the mistakes of others, or another injury, it is vital that you have an experienced personal injury lawyer working with you to watch out for your best interests. We are highly experienced at collecting and preserving essential evidence, and have successfully handled numerous burn injury cases. Our burn injury lawyers will fight hard for your rights so you can focus on healing. Call Toll Free 833-338-8230 or Direct 619-338-8230 for a free consultation.
First-Degree Burns 
First-degree burn is the lease serious burn injury a person can sustain, and is one in which only the outer lawyer of the skin is burned.  This type of burn is usually characterized by redness in the skin, some swelling, and minor pain.  Generally speaking, first-degree burns do not require medical attention unless a substantial portion of the body is affected.
Second-Degree Burns
Second-degree burn occurs when the burn has penetrated below the first layer of skin and into the second layer, which is known as the dermis. By appearance, a second-degree burn is usually identified by a deep red color in the skin and blistering.  Pain and swelling will also be present. Per the Mayo Clinic website, if the second-degree burn is no larger than three inches around, it can be treated as a minor burn, and usually can be treated at home.  If it is larger, it is advised to get medical treatment immediately.
Third-Degree Burns
Third-degree burn is the most serious type of burn, and occurs where all layers of the skin are burn, and the damage goes into the tissue.  By appearance, the burned areas may be charred looking, and may look black, or can even look white and dry.  Burns of this degree require immediate medical attention.
Typical symptoms of a burn injury include:
Peeling skin
Red skin
White or charred skin
Pain, however, is not an indicator of the severity of a burn. Some of the most serious burns can be painless, as they char and burn through nerves and pain receptors. Signs of shock are pale and clammy skin, weakness, bluish lips and fingernails, and a decrease in alertness. When handling a burn injury case, the attorney needs to be well funded, in order to retain fire forensics experts, construction experts, site investigators, chemical engineers and/or product safety experts and make prompt inspection of what happened. It is crucially important to preserve any product which may have caused a burn injury, after the accident.
Our qualified burn injury attorneys have personal relationships with experts ranging from chemical engineers, plastic surgeons, and commercial plumbers in order to put together the often complicated burn injury case. Serious burn injury cases often involve large sums of money and so defendants will often fight hard.  A burn injury attorney needs to be able to put the whole case together, through trial and appeal if necessary. Call Toll Free 833-338-8230 or Direct 619-338-8230 for a free consultation.