Client Reviews

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Very Helpful

“Very helpful and fair law firm. Esteban did a really great job of making the whole experience very good for me! He made sure that I was satisfied with the settlement.”
– Aaron Ellsworth, Client


“I really recommend San Diego Injury Law Center, they are honest, looking to help you, very professional and high qualified. thanks for all the help!”
– Eva Marquez, Client

Great Attorneys

“San Diego Injury Law Center is handling a case for me and the staff has been diligent in providing me with a status and are always so kind and thoughtful. They have been very helpful through the process. I would highly recommend them. 5+ rating.”
– Patty Cortez, Client

Excellent Client Service

“I would like to thank David Achord and his employees at the san diego injury law center for working with me very closely on my accident. I very much appreciate their patience. I then would like to give them a 5+ for their performance.”
– Frank Chavez, Client

Does A Great Job

“At the end of my suit I was satisfied that I received justice. Thank you Steve and the San Diego Injury Law Center- I will recommend you to anyone.”
– Sabina Widdman, Client

Very Honest and Knowledgeable

“San Diego Injury Law Center proved to be the best decision that I have ever made. They treated me like a family friend. David Achord and associates were more than kind. They worked tirelessly to insure that I was treated by top notch doctors. They followed up by asking about my health, my family, and my life in general.”
– Walter Leverette, Client

Willing To Help

“David Achord was also able to obtain more money from my own insurance company as I had underinsured coverage. I only wish I had not wasted so much time and energy with trying to do everything myself. I should have went to San Diego Injury Law Center first. I would recommend them to anyone.”
– Ken Reed, Client

Ethical Attorney

“I’m so happy i chose San Diego injury law center they always return my phone calls and made me fill very comfortable and the best things they got the max for my case!!!! Thank you so much.”
– David Zwickl, Client

Experience Counts

“SAN DIEGO injury law was a great experience.”
– Najah Hasan, Client

Immediately Assured

“We were very fortunate to have SDI take care of our case involving our son. They immediately assured us of their expertise by their knowledge, professional demeanor, work ethic and decision making skills. More importantly they are honest and ethical. They had our best interests in mind. I can honestly say that you can put your trust in SDI Law center.”
– Cl Dominguez, Client

Great Law Center

“San Diego Injury Law Center is an Excellent Law Center. All the attorneys and staff that work there are extremely knowledgeable about the Law, and can assist you in obtaining the highest settlement possible for your claim. SD Injury Law Center kept me informed of my case every step of the way. They assisted me in all the steps necessary to proceed with my case. Everyone that works there is extremely professional and helpful. I rate the SD Injury Law Center with 5 Stars, and highly recommend them if you are ever in need of a Great Law Center”
– Leeann LoFaso, Client

Beyond What I Expected

“I didn’t know really what to do when I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle to work but my brother jumped into action and while I was in the ER for the cuts and pain I was feeling he was looking up lawyers finding the San Diego Injury Law Center. I had never been hit, we went into to the office and they explained what would happen and the price. I was then refereed to a chiropractor (Which I am positive that if I hadn’t gone my wrist would be busted by now as it took several months to stop hurting while doing routine things such as riding my bike and moving things around. Even now my wrist acts up but the pain is nothing like when I first step into that office)”
“It took long for my wrist to get better and I felt like I was constantly calling for an update and they never seemed frustrated just would explain that nothing much could be done until my wrist recovered in order to have the bill to charge. I was scared at first that I would have to pay the bills, for my new bike which was my vehicle, the chiropractor, and the loos of money for having to use the trolley. Working with this firm when everything was done and over with I was very happy and grateful for the outcome.”
“If I ever needed a lawyer I will return to this company as the results were beyond what I expected. Thank you SD Injury Law Center.”
– Lucky Penny, Client


“The compassion of the people at San Diego Injury Law Center was fantastic. The chiropractor I had to see was also very good. I would recommend anyone to this company. In fact I already have. My aunt also had a great experience.”
– Edna Chairez, Client

Professional Services

“SDILC helped me during the difficult time after my accident by addressing all my questions and put me at ease. Everything went smoothly because of the hard work that was put into my case. I am so grateful for the professional services rendered to me throughout my case.”
– LD Dominguez, Client

Immediately Assured

“I really recommend San Diego Injury Law center, they are hones, looking to help you, very professional and high qualified. thanks for all the help!”
– Eva Marquez, Client

Good Experience

“I had a good experience at San Diego Injury Law Center. I always felt that I was being communicated with in a timely manner and that when I needed information someone was accessible. Overall, I would recommend this law firm to a friend. “
– Jessica H, Client

Detailed and Helpful

“In 41 years I have never had to use an attorney so I was nervous and not sure I wanted to move forward with my case. The reason I did is because Steve Gnau made me feel at ease and if at anytime I wanted to not move forward that woudl be ok. The whole team was professional, kind, detailed and helpful through the whole process. At the end of my suit I was satisfied that I received justice. Thank you San Diego Injury Law Center. I will recommend you to anyone.”
– Sabina Widmann, Client

Assurances I Needed

“I was left in a very bad situation,other lawyers wouldn’t take my case, the insurance company had changed hands and running from their responsibilities, dodging me everywhere that they could .. even my previous law firm had all but given up … time was running out, things looked grim … I felt very alone, abandoned, like for sure i was being treated unfairly.. when i contacted David he was quick to review all aspects of the case and made a quick assessment .. quickly gave me the assurances i needed to hear, got me going in the right direction again .. I was surprised how quickly he turned everything around … took a bad, very stressful situation and handled it it all with little effort required on my end .. he made it all very simple and calm for me,yielding maximum potential … I was IMPRESSED David Achord … TYVM!”
– Lou Dawg, Client

Five Stars

“Nice Office Really helped when help was needed.”
– Anonymous , A Google User

5 Stars

“I give them a rating of 5 stars.”
– Kevin Ramirez, Client